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Full program description

Florida State University's (FSU) Organizational Trauma Aware Certification is specifically designed to empower organizations and workplace units, equipping them with the proficiency to identify and fully comprehend the implications of trauma. The primary goal is to foster a resilient and well-being-centered environment, benefiting both their clients and internal teams.


This umbrella certification comprises three online courses for organizations seeking to obtain the certificate:


  • Building Trauma Awareness and Resilience in Organizations (2 hours): This course provides fundamental insights into trauma awareness and resilience building within an organizational context.
  • Enhancing Trauma-Aware Communication Skills (1 hour): Complementing the first course, this one-hour program focuses on improving communication skills in the context of trauma awareness. To achieve FSU's "Trauma Aware" recognition, 90% of an organization's staff should successfully complete both of these courses.
  • Comprehensive Professional Certification in Trauma and Resilience (20 hours): This extensive program delves deeper into trauma and resilience, requiring a minimum of 10% of an organization's employees to complete it. This comprehensive professional certification enhances the organization's capacity to address trauma effectively.


Each participating employee will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for each course.